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Letter to the Editor: Humanity and the Environment

When I was younger, my brother and I always went outside on walks, played on our bikes and listened to nature. One of our favorite activities was to lay on the grass and take in the greenery and scenery of our small hometown. As we grew older you could slowly see the town dying out. Not dying out like everybody was leaving. Dying out like, no grass. No tress around us. There was no water in the creek at all. We wondered, “What is happening and why is our town slowly diminishing?” Well, I later figured out it was because of the impact that nature itself was having on the environment and on humanity. The less snow and/or rain we got, the dryer the creek got. We kept seeing less and less greenery and everything turned an awful brown color. Nature is destroying not only environment, but it is also destroying humanity in a plethora of ways.              Nature is destroying itself and the environment in the fact that it is taking a toll on humanity not only physically but emotionally as

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