My Barren Winter Hike

When I first read the article “Oasis in a Dry Land”, I couldn’t help but think of the little town I had mentioned in my previous blog. The town I grew up in was a mining town. Also discussed in my previous blog was the rusty ditch. It supplied a lot of water while in the mining days of the early 1900’s. As I walk through my little town now and look at the rusty ditch, I think of the question, what used to be present in this little mining town? I can picture the blue, pure water flowing through it. When the mines went under, the water turned to an orange color and the pH of the water changed causing the water to be unsanitary and sinking into the soil. This caused the entire town to undergo a major population drop and it is one of the major aspects that I notice now. Some of my observations that I jot down while going on a walk includes the many houses that I see are gone, with some brick foundations remaining, which I never noticed previously. I also noticed that the emptiness of the town feels the same, which I think is just the depressing winter season. My eyes have noticed more as I hike because I am looking for so many other things that I have not tried to look for before. An example of this is the farm land and all of the land that is unharmed. Even though the winter season is sad, all of the aspects that I point out give some light that there is so much more to nature and it's relationship to humanity than meets the eye. It is on this walk that I realized it is a lot of humanities fault why this little town is the way it is. 


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