Small Town Nature Walk

Wind, rain, and snow. All of the wonderful different weather conditions Montana seems to have. I enjoy taking in all that I can as I walk around this tiny little town I live in right in the middle of Montana. There is so much I want to talk about that I remember of this little town I grew up in. Day by day it gets more complicated to recall. There are no animals on my hike except a dog here and there. The trees used to be so full, now dying out due to winter conditions.  The little road going down the middle of the town used to be so full of life with all the older people saying hello, and as I walk, I can hear an occasional small car creeping along side of me, filling the air full of diesel and smoke. The orange “rusty ditch” just to the right as you drive farther south east through the small valley is the most prevalent characteristic of my hike because, as far as I know, nobody else's town has a creek named with such profanity! It gives the town the slight orange and dull tint that you notice first as you drive through. So much about this town is much different than other towns, or is it similar? With the diesel fuel filing the air with pollution and our acidic creek that runs through town, I see negativity in nature. I don’t want to say that humanity is to blame for what is happening to this small town but that is immediately what comes to mind while I walk down this dirt trail.


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